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Affordable Airport Shuttles Come To Detroit

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Enjoy New Transportation To Detroit Metro Airport

Public transportation to and from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is hard to come by, and often times very expensive. However, new plans to bring reasonable public transportation, between cab drivers and cars, is expected to hit Detroit as early as Spring 2016.

The Regional Transit Authority announced that they have begun taking proposals for transportation options from both companies, shuttle services, and private businesses. The Regional Transit Authority anticipates that this new service will cost Detroit over $6 million, and would mostly be funded by state grants. If proven to work, locals may see increases in taxes starting in November 2016, when voting for this issues would come up in local elections.

While costs and fares have not been determined by the Regional Transit Authority at this time, their main focus is to create an affordable option for those looking to travel to the airport and back home. CEO, Michael Ford, of the Regional Transit Authority stated that offering this new shuttle service is ‘long overdue’ for those living and transporting around Detroit. After watching the newest shuttle service in Ann Arbor begin to boom, they are hopeful that Detroit will follow suit.

The current options for public transportation to the airport are through various private companies. For instance, traveling with Michigan Flyer would cost you around $20 – $25 round trip from Ann Arbor to DTW, and along with around $40 round trip from Lansing to DTW. Parking options are also currently available at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and can range individual cars anywhere from $9 to $12 per day. The bidding process for companies to offer their services will be open until July 31st, 2015. With the new Regional Transit Authority service, added and hidden fee’s will not be part of their model.

The influx in demand for affordable shuttle services has come at a time when hotels and business owners have been looking for ways to cater to their customers. When the airline companies financially sank in 2001, the scope of affordable transportation became a thing of the past. Buses in Detroit will currently take you down to DTW, but often run late and incur large amounts of stops and traffic. Additionally, a cab ride from anywhere in Metro Detroit to DTW can range an individual around $50 per way.

The Regional Transit Authority is excited to jump into this venture to bring affordable transportation to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and hope that residents will be able to utilize the system early next year.

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