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Detroit: A New Home To China Investors

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With the recent influx of Chinese investors in Detroit, many people are left wondering if Detroit will become a Chinese city or entity. Many Chinese investors are looking to the Motor City with strong encouragement from local government officials. Governor Rick Synder has been attracting Chinese homebuyers for several years, hoping to help the city rebuild into a professional work and living environment. With a large impact on the future of Detroit, Synder hopes that these Chinese endeavors will pull Detroit out of its bankruptcy woes.

Snyder has boldly stated, “Detroit, Michigan is open to the world,” in hopes to attract investors and homebuyers across the glove. With little support being pushed into the city from the federal government, this new outlook on a global economy could lead to profitable outcomes for Detroit.

Synder has always been a large fan of the Chinese people and government, hoping to attract them to the city sooner. With a new proposal for immigrant adjustment in the state of Michigan, Synder hopes that this expediting of visas will encourage faster growth within the city. After the declaring bankruptcy in 2013, the Chinese have been flocking towards homes in Detroit, purchasing them 100 at a time. These foreign investors have seen the potential that Detroit can create, and are willing to place their own money on the line.

As addressed in recent news, the Chinese are already placing strong roots within Detroit. More than a dozen businesses have starting implanting a home base within the city. These Chinese companies are looking to invest in new vehicles and all the technological advances that are attributed along with it. Putting Michiganders back to work, the Chinese have started hiring professional engineers and designers, to learn and grow from this domestic and existing talent.

Along with businesses across the city, the Chinese are flocking to the homes located in desolate neighborhoods, within Detroit. With prices at an all time low, financially savvy Chinese investors are racking up the potential to renovate, turn, and build these homes and neighborhoods into thriving communities.

The global economy is without a doubt experiencing rapid changes, and Detroit is at the forefront of this endeavor. As the largest and most powerful economy in the world, China is staking their claim into cities like Detroit, in order to rebuild and regain momentum. With a still struggling economy, the Chinese are looking to Detroit to input influence, change, and financial gain.

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