Granny In Detroit Saves Her Life By Packing Heat

Granny Rage In Detroit – Rambo Style

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Two men have been shot down after deciding to attack the wrong person. Detroit native and 51-year old grandmother, Paris Ainsworth, shot eight bullets at the two individuals attempting to cause her harm. After realizing that she was being attacked outside her home, Ainsworth decided it was time to take charge.

The grandmother of four had just gotten out of her car, after coming home from work, when she noticed the suspicious activity. She realized that she was being followed, as two men had begun approaching her, while she became closer to her home.

With a licensed .45 calibre handgun in tow, Ainsworth got out of the car and prepared for the worst. The two men immediately started shooting at the grandmother, and she pulled out her gun. Ainsworth quickly fired eight bullets in the direction of the men.

Ainsworth states, “He said, ‘Don’t pull it.’” Not being enough to take her down, Ainsworth continued with, “I said, ‘You mother f****r,’ and pulled out [my gun] and started shooting. One, he was right in the middle of the street. The other one was right here on the [side of the street].”

Unfortunately, Ainsworth was injured, being shot three times in her side body, and took one bullet to her hand. One of the men was also injured, having been shot once in each leg. Unaware of aim and action, Ainsworth told local officials that she promptly pulled out her gun, as soon as she realized she was going to be robbed. She was not sure if any of the bullets had taken hit, at the men.

While the non-injured man attempted to get away, police received a call from a local hospital that a man, fitting the description from Ainsworth, had been injured, not far from the scene, and was being treated for gunshot wounds.

The Detroit grandmother has two handguns with licensed permits. After experiencing the crime in Detroit firsthand, 10 years prior to this incidence, Ainsworth took charge of her self-defense and has been thoroughly prepared ever since. She is aware of her actions, and explains that had she not had her gun available, she would have been severely injured or dead. Ainsworth explains, “This is ludicrous…robbing and trying to take stuff from people, and killing people.”

Ainsworth now holds the title of “Rambo” by her sisters and brothers, based on the movie staring Sylvester Stallone.

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