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Quicken Loans & Their Continuous Detroit Investments

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There is no doubt Detroit is on the rebound from a struggling economy. Just ask Dan Gilbert, with his new and latest Detroit investment venture.

With real estate projects in high demand, Dan Gilbert, chairman of Rock Ventures, LLC and founder of Quicken Loans, some of the most profitable companies pushing Detroit into a better future, is still putting his money into the city. With the success of Quicken Loans, Gilbert will be starting a new Quicken Loans Technology Center, within the city itself. This 66,000 sqft building will be located in the Corktown district, on Rosa Parks Blvd.

The building will be home to two 10,000 sqft sever rooms, along with a multitude of other office facilities. Half of the building will dedicated to just the Quicken Loans technology center and team, while the other remaining 33,000 sqft will be available for lease by other business entities. 1

This project is currently scheduled for competition by the beginning of 2015.  Keeping the environment in mind, this mostly cement and glass building will hold an energy efficient concept, with state-of-the-art air conditioning/heating systems, housing available power, and a revolutionary security system.

With the popularity of the two enormous server rooms, Gilbert hopes to attract more technological and business savvy partners into the building. Detroit is working to keep up with the largest cities in the country, making themselves key players in the technological world.

Linglong He, Quicken Loans chief information officer, explained that when looking to expand their technology base, it only made sense to stick within the city limits. With new application and data systems, He explains that Detroit is revolutionizing the way technology is approached and designed. Quicken Loans has a history of technological investment, with over 1,000 IT professionals, currently working in their Detroit office alone. He also went on to state that Quicken Loans actively trains all of their IT professionals, in order to grow to these advances, within Detroit.

Bedrock Real Estate Services will perform the construction and handling of the Quicken Loans Technology Center. This real estate company is owned and operated by the Quicken Loans empire, as a full-service real estate firm, looking at purchasing, financing, leasing, developing, and managing ideal commercial locations within Detroit.

Ventures such as this create not only a positive outlook for Detroit, but are bound to attract more investors into the city. With the success of Quicken Loans and other similar Detroit based companies, the technology center is a step towards rebuilding Detroit into a strong economical and technological player.

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