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Successful Methods To Sell Your Detroit Home On A Budget

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Selling your Detroit home is a stressor in the best of circumstances, but if you only have a small amount of money to prepare your home, it can be very stressful indeed. It’s important to determine, when you list your Detroit home, where you can best spend what money you have available.

The first thing you have to find out is what buyers are looking for in Detroit, and consider the important, when searching for a new home. Curb appeal is very important when you are selling your home. You have, perhaps, heard the term. Curb appeal refers to the first impression a potential buyer receives when they arrive at your home. Naturally, the inside of your house has to be prepared as much as you can, also. But getting people in the front door is the first step and a most important one. We’ve prepared three tips below that will give you a more positive outlook when you only have a finite amount of money to spend to prepare your home for selling.

Even if the exterior of your home looks all right and not dirty, rest assured that it is dirty. Most homes, especially those with vinyl siding, should be cleaned with a power sprayer. A lot of local stores will be able to rent power sprayers to you.

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It only takes about an hour to power spray the exterior of your home and the sprayers are economical to rent. Before taking the power sprayer back, look around for other places you can clean with it. Other areas that could benefit from a power spray cleaning are your garage floor, your driveway, and the sidewalk in front of your home. This investment of your time will go a long way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. You cannot have any defective walls, such as walls with cavernous holes from nails and screws. Hopefully your walls will be freshly painted if they need it. Taking away any photos that are personal is yet another little psychological trick that can have an impression. The logic behind this is that it separates your family from the house and then they can visualize themselves living there. For that reason, you should put away any personal photos of your family. Actually, it is best to have the walls clear of any unusual art or posters, etc. This has to do with giving the buyer an opportunity to see the space in their own mind.

Bathrooms can be another area where the impression a buyer gets is favorable or not so favorable. Glass sliding shower doors or the hinged variety may have lime built up after years of use. Go to your home improvement center and buy a lime remover. After using it, your shower doors will sparkle like new. Another potential problem area are bathtubs. Sometimes you just can’t get rid of the stains that appear over time. It isn’t practical, especially on a budget, to simply buy and install a new bathtub. Nevertheless, getting the tub refinished is an easy solution. Not everyone is familiar with this process, but it’s not hard to find a company that does this kind of work. People may only glance inside the bathrooms, but if everything looks clean, bright and shiny then it will pass.

Is this your first effort to sell your own home here in Detroit? Mousa Ahmad, a local Detroit real estate expert, recommends some things you should learn about. Selling your home involves marketing and knowing a little about human nature. Creating the effect of a room being larger with the use of light is a perfect example. There are other psychological triggers you can use to make your home more appealing. You can find these online or by talking to your agent. We recommend Mousa Ahmad, a local Detroit realtor who has a 17 year history with Detroit Real Estate.

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About Mousa A. Ahmad:

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